love + care instructions

Handwash or dry clean will allow your clothes to last the longest. If you use a washing machine, please use gentle soaps, do not use bleach (even colour-safe bleach) and wash on a gentle/medium cycle. For drying—line dry or hang to dry. If using a dryer, dry on a gentle, low or no heat setting. Doing this will help your cloths last and look new longer for longer.

When you handwash your clothing, feel free to put your entire back into it, lol. The materials are high quality and can withstand vigorous washing.

Your clothes are tender warriors—strong but be gentle with them. This is especially true of our silks, chiffons and laces, so please be as gentle as needed when washing these more delicate materials.

Please Note: Slight bleeding of colour into water is normal when washing, so wash with similar colours to avoid staining of other cloths of different colours or shades. The vibrancy of the colours of your garments will remain for years as long as you take care of them as recommended.