I design clothing. I handpick all the cloth/fabric/ankara. All my ankara is from Nigeria and Togo, sewn in Nigeria and shipped from the U.S. There are a few ways in which I share my designs with the world. Please see below for more details.

Collections: These are designs I share with the world when it feels right. You can hop on over to the Ankara Queen Collection Etsy Shop for those items.

Tailor-Made Versions of Collections: Don’t see your size but want one of the collection pieces? I may be able to make something in our size.

Couture + Custom Designs: See something you like in one of my collections but want it longer, shorter, etc? Definitely want a unique design? Welcome to the magical land of couture, bunnies! If you have questions or want to learn more, free 15 minute consults available upon request. For those who are ready to begin the design process, contact me to schedule a 30-45 minute consultation (these are $75, non-refundable + done via phone, Skype or in person.)

Design Process Overview: For my nerdy bunnies (like me) who like to know what the process is beforehand, here’s the flow: Consultation > Intake Form > Design Proposal > Design Approval > Contract + Payment > Sew Clothing > Delivery of Completed Pieces > BLISS.